August 20, 2019 . PDF Destinator for Word version 1.6 is now available. Check documentation for more info.

Create PDF Named Destinations on the Fly

PDF Destinator is an ideal tool for large technical manuals, dissertations and e-books

PDF Destinator is an Acrobat ® plug-in that converts PDF document bookmarks to PDF named destinations and vice versa. You can create PDF named destinations from bookmarks, links and pages, validate named destinations, export to Excel and use Acrobat ® actions and batch sequences .

Creating named destinations manually is very time consuming. PDF Destinator plug-in for Acrobat ® is an ideal tool for large technical manuals, dissertations, reports and e-books. Named destinations work like named anchor tags inside a HTML document, but they can be used as targets for links, PDF form

fields and bookmarks as well, that makes it extremely valuable for professional PDF authors. When using named destinations, you can create links that go to specific content rather than a page number. PDF named destinations make PDF content accessible worldwide — to locate information directly from the source documents, not just open the PDF at the first page. It is useful if the document is altered significantly. If you edit the source document and the pagination of the document changes, the cross-reference is no longer accurate, but the PDF document is still accessible by named destinations. The plug-in is available for Windows and Mac OS X. Read here more how to create PDF named destinations.

PDF Destinator for Acrobat® Video Tutorials

These online video tutorials show you how to get started using PDF Destinator plug-in

Exporting PDF Named Destinations from Acrobat® (Windows)

Exporting PDF Named Destinations from Acrobat® (Mac OS X)

Customer Testimonials

What our customers have to say about PDF Destinator for Acrobat®

The tool works fine and one just wonders that it is not standard in Acrobat!
Dr. Josef Fürst — University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, Austria

Personally, I see your work saving me about 20 hours of work immediately, and untold hours in the future.
Joe Pellegrino, PhD — Georgia Southern University, USA

We want to tell you the software works perfectly with no errors or problems at all. We have made named destinations from bookmarks many times in our development of pdf files with pdfs of many hundreds of pages and it was a joy with your software. Without your software to make the named destinations from our bookmarks we could not make our research tool possible.
Gauri Pinto — Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, India


Choosing the Right Edition

Download trial version for Windows or for Mac OS X

  • Standard Edition

  • $49

  • +Creates from bookmarks
  • +Converts to bookmarks
  • +Creates from links
  • +Creates from pages
  • +Converts bookmark targets
  • +Exports to .XLS file
  • -Supports batch sequences
  • -Multi-user license included
  • -Unlimited installations
  • -Word® version in addition
Windows Mac OS X
  • Professional Edition

  • $99

  • +Creates from bookmarks
  • +Converts to bookmarks
  • +Creates from links
  • +Creates from pages
  • +Converts bookmark targets
  • +Exports to .XLS file
  • +Supports batch sequences
  • +Includes 3-user licence pack
  • -Unlimited installations
  • -MS Word version in addition
WindowsMac OS X
  • Enterprise Edition

  • $499

  • +Creates from bookmarks
  • +Converts to bookmarks
  • +Creates from links
  • +Creates from pages
  • +Converts bookmark targets
  • +Exports to .XLS file
  • +Supports batch sequences
  • +Multi-user allowed
  • +Site license included
  • +MS Word version in addition
WindowsMac OS X

Special Offer with Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Edition buyers get PDF Destinator for Microsoft Word® in addition

PDF Destinator is now available for Microsoft Word® as well. Since 2007 Microsoft Office comes with integrated support for creating PDF documents out-of-the-box. If advanced or Acrobat-specific PDF manipulations are not required, you can use only Word® to produce web-ready PDF documents.

Microsoft Word® converts Word bookmarks or document headings automatically to PDF bookmarks. PDF Destinator for Word Add-In allows to convert PDF bookmarks to PDF named destinations during the PDF export process. PDF Destinator for Word export wizard simplifies the process of exporting PDF file and converts source document bookmarks or headings to PDF named destinations. Please note that, PDF Destinator for Word® is not available for Mac Office. Please see the product page for more details.

FAQ About PDF Destinator for Acrobat®


Yes. We provide free evaluation limited-function version of our software. You can try out the functions and performance of our product before purchasing it.

The software is delivered electronically (via HTTP download).

It is imperative that you remove the trial version when installing the shipping version. Please do not attempt to install the shipping version over the trial version. To remove the trial version of PDF Destinator Plug-in for Acrobat®, use the "Add/Remove Programs" Control Panel to remove the trial version.

PDF Destinator Acrobat plug-in is available for Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) and Mac OS X (from 10.4). Full version of Adobe Acrobat® is required. The Plug-in will not work with free Adobe Acrobat® Reader.


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Support and license Info

Technical support can be contacted via e-mail at Grifir Software doesn't provide technical support by phone.

End-User license agreement is available here.