Working With Batch Processing

The professional version of the PDF Destinator plug-in supports batch processing (changed to "actions" in Acrobat X).

Acrobat batch processing can automate your tasks and save your time if you are working with multiple PDF documents. To do batch processing the user first builds a list of commands called a Batch Sequence. Acrobat includes a built-in list of common commands from which to choose. The PDF Destinator plug-in adds a new one called "Create Named Destinations".

Batch Sequences

When the sequence is run, Acrobat applies the list of commands to each file it processes. It is possible to edit batch sequences. The files on which a Batch Process operates are opened one at a time. The complete list of commands in the Batch Sequence is applied to the opened file. It is then saved and closed before the next file is opened.

Edit Batch Sequences

Acrobat 9

  • Run Adobe Acrobat 9
  • Choose Advanced > Document Processing > Batch Processing

Acrobat X replaces "Sequences" with "Actions"

  • Run Adobe Acrobat X
  • Choose File > Action Wizard > Create Named Destinations


FAQ About PDF Destinator for Acrobat®


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PDF Destinator Acrobat plug-in is available for Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) and Mac OS X (from 10.4). Full version of Adobe Acrobat® is required. The Plug-in will not work with free Adobe Acrobat® Reader.


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